Fulfil your potential!

In Lausanne, the psychotherapist Anna Assef-Vaziri helps you to be aware of your dreams and dare to imagine going beyond what seemed possible to you.

Find solutions!

Just when you thought there weren't any, your psychotherapist shows you that you have not tried everything and so you will find ways out of the impasse

Act according to your desires!

Take the path that suits you and is according to your abilities with the help of Anna Assef-Vaziri, psychotherapist in Lausanne.

Survive the storms!

After psychotherapy, you will emerge resolute, strengthened and better able to face any turbulent phases of life.



As far as coaching is concerned, I can help you with

→ any problem in looking for ways to:

≈ develop a personal or professional project

≈ clarify a project

≈ move a project forward 

Coaching - Anna Assef-Vaziri - Lausanne

≈ pursue a project

≈ dare to embark on projects 

≈ undertake actions related to one's wishes  

≈ exploit one's potential

≈ achieve self-fulfilment

≈ improve time management

→ any problem in the search for ways to overcome:

 fear of moving a project forward

≈ fear of project failure

≈ fear of project success

≈ feeling of projects being held back

≈ difficulty making choices 


With regard to therapy, I can provide help to combat:

Therapy - Anna Assef-Vaziri - Lausanne≈ Depression

≈ General states of anxiety 

≈ Panic attacks

≈ Phobias

≈ Agony of exams and performance

≈ Stress states

≈ Burn out

≈ Post-traumatic stress disorder

≈ Psychosomatic disorders

≈ Stress response syndrome

≈ Diffuse states of malaise 

≈ Sense of general failure 

≈ Personality disorders

≈ Relational problems in general

≈ Relational problems related to the narcissistic perversion type of relationship 

Training and supervision

Supervision - Anna Assef-Vaziri - Lausanne


Training, personal development and supervision for psychologists and psychiatrists in CBT training

Training and supervision of institutional teams managing residents

Intervention in firms or institutions

You can also call me for any problem impeding good teamwork, such as:

Consultation - Anna Assef-Vaziri - Lausannevarious interpersonal problems

difficult communication



≈ absenteeism